Yesterday, I had a delicious dish of double cooked pork at my friend’s home. I came back to study it and tried it successfully!


Half a catty of streaky pork
Two garlic sprouts
A piece of ginger
A spoonful of Pixian Douban
A spoonful of sweet flour sauce
A spoonful of Ciba pepper
A little sugar
A little soy sauce
A little Douchi


Step 1
Cook pork in white water and slice

Step 2
Sliced ginger

Step 3
Cut off garlic seedling

Step 4
Mix Pixian Douban, sweet flour paste, white sugar, Ciba pepper and Douchi together

Step 5
After the oil is hot, pour in the pork and stir fry to change color

Step 6
Pour in the prepared sauce, ginger slices, add garlic seedlings, then pour in the soy sauce.