My mother-in-law came home to bring dried bamboo shoots and braised pork. It’s good to replace it with double cooked pork after a long time


1 ration of pork
1 bundle of dried bamboo shoots
A little cooking wine
A little old-fashioned
A little raw
A little salt
A little sugar


Step 1
The dried bamboo shoots are soaked in cold water two to three days in advance

Step 2
Rinse the meat with cold water

Step 3
Slice double cooked pork according to your preference

Step 4
Blanch the meat with cold water and wash again

Step 5
Like this, the water will boil

Step 6
Pour out the boiled meat and stir fry the meat

Step 7
Add a little oil (a little oh) put cooking wine, stir fry until a little scorched

Step 8
Then release the bamboo shoots and stir fry and color the old ones

Step 9
Put the cold water just over the dried bamboo shoots and meat

Step 10
Bring cold water to the top of the pot over medium low heat and simmer for 30 minutes. The size of the heat can be as small as soybeans over medium low heat

Step 11
It's almost time to open the lid and find that the bamboo shoots and meat are soft, which means that the stew is successful, and then put the white granulated sugar into it

Step 12
Fire soup plate, you can also sprinkle a little onion embellishment