I cooked this dish in a hurry when I came home from work. There were two children waiting for dinner outside the kitchen, so the craft was a little rough and the photos were taken in a hurry, but the taste was very good


150g pork
50g Agrocybe aegerita
1 gram salt
1g ginger
1 gram garlic
1g onion
1.5 green peppers


Step 1
Wash the onion, pepper and pork, and chop the ginger and garlic (I like to cut them into small pieces according to my personal preference. After all, they are made for myself).

Step 2
Wash the tea tree mushroom and set aside.

Step 3
Put the chopped chili, onion, ginger and garlic on the plate.

Step 4
Cut the streaky pork into pieces of moderate thickness, thin point is better, the oil of streaky pork can be better fried out.

Step 5
Add vegetable oil into the pot, and put part of ginger and garlic into the pot( I put part of the ginger and garlic, and left part of them in the pot with the green pepper to remove the green gas

Step 6
Pork into the pot stir fry, stir fry until the meat out of a large part of the oil( Again, it's hard to see the photos. Sorry for everyone ~)

Step 7
Add green pepper, onion and remaining ginger and garlic and stir fry( I'm in a hurry. If I have enough time, I can put it in directly. If I have enough time, I can take the double cooked pork and wash the pot. Then I can add oil fried green pepper, onion and ginger powder. In this way, the color and taste will be better. Remember, if I have enough time, I must do this. Moreover, it will be healthier and less "scorched". Forgive me for my lack of chemical knowledge Hee hee...)

Step 8
Add tea tree mushroom and stir fry

Step 9
I added carrot slices temporarily, because the color of the dish was a little less, which affected my appetite. There was no red pepper, so I used carrot instead of (for the reason of light and time in the evening, forgive my unbearable photos again)

Step 10
Add some salt and stir. I'll have dinner.