Secret of seasoning for double cooked pork-
Double cooked pork – another Sichuan dish that is served in an instant. As a traditional Sichuan dish, double cooked pork plays an extraordinary role in Sichuan cuisine, and is often used as the first choice for the grade examination of Sichuan cuisine.
The so-called “return to the pot” means cooking again. The meat is boiled in the pot and then fried in the frying pan. The meat slices of the return to the pot must be fried until they are in the shape of a tea boat. In the words of Chengdu people, “boil the lamp nest”. Double cooked pork has a unique taste, bright red color, fat but not greasy. It is slightly spicy, delicious and appetizing. It has become the first choice of the public.
Double cooked pork mainly relies on sauce to reflect its flavor. Double cooked pork is fat and heavy. Sweet noodle sauce is needed when cooking. Sweet noodle sauce plays a role in relieving greasiness in dishes, making fat meat delicious and not boring. Eating roast pigs and ducks can “change oil” and relieve greasiness with sweet noodle sauce. Now some sweet sauce is not sweet. In order to increase the sweetness, many chefs choose to put sugar in the pot again, so it tastes sweet.
Compound dishes need to be matched according to the characteristics of different condiments in order to produce the most amazing effect. Some recipes also need to add soy sauce. That’s a thing of the past ~ the bean paste in the past was not as salty as it is now, so it needs to put some soy sauce to improve the taste, but if you add soy sauce now, you’ll kill the people who eat the vegetables~
The most popular dishes must be home-made, with double cooked meat bearing the brunt.
-It’s delicious and easy to make. It will satisfy your appetite-


Main ingredient: 500g pork
Garlic sprouts 150g
Ginger 15g
Shallot 20g
A little cooking wine
More than 10 pepper
Proper amount of Douchi
Pixian bean paste 50g
Sweet noodle sauce 25g
20G sugar
The specific dosage shall be added according to personal preference


Step 1
Preparation steps: blanch the pork. 1. Wash the pork, pour water into the pot, put it on the high fire, and put the pork, ginger slices, scallion Festival, cooking wine and a little dry pepper. After the water in the pot boils, cook slowly over low heat for about 10-12 minutes, and remove the floating foam of the soup noodles during the meat cooking process. (Note: cook the pork until it is 70% cooked without raking.)

Step 2
·Change the pork knife and cut the side dishes into sections. 1. Cut the boiled pork into 0.2cm thick meat slices and put them on a plate for preparation;

Step 3
2. Wash the garlic sprouts, cut them into eight long sections and put them on a plate for standby; (Note: garlic sprouts should be strong and moderate. If they are too fine, it is difficult to control the heat, so they cannot guarantee crispness and tenderness.)

Step 4
1. Pour a little oil into the pot. When the oil is 60% hot, cut the meat slices and stir fry until the meat slices are oily and rolled up. Put Douchi and Douban soy sauce successively to stir fry the flavor, and then add sweet flour sauce and a little sugar to stir well.

Step 5
2. Before starting the pot, quickly add garlic seedlings and fry them. Fry the garlic seedlings until they are cooked, but don't fry them. Then start the pot and put them on a plate. (Note: a small amount of sweet noodle sauce is reserved, which is the key to the "sweet return" of double cooked meat)