A very good dish


500g tenderloin
5g carrots
3 G green vegetables
Rice vinegar
soy sauce
White sugar
Chicken powder with chicken balls


Step 1
Wash the tenderloin. If you have gluten skin, you'd better cut off the gluten skin. Cut into large pieces 3 mm thick

Step 2
Shred carrots, scallions and ginger. Slice garlic and coriander

Step 3
Add water to the starch, soak for 60 minutes, pour out the excess water and stir it into a paste, about half melted ice cream, pour in the tenderloin, grasp it evenly by hand until no meat is evenly coated with starch

Step 4
You can add chicken powder with chicken balls. It tastes more mellow than ordinary chicken powder. Then add water, vinegar, rice vinegar, soy sauce, sugar and salt into the bowl. Add a little water and starch and stir well

Step 5
Pour 3 kg of oil into the pot. Don't use too little oil, otherwise it will stick during frying. When it's 80% hot, put the meat slices with uniform starch in turn. Don't go down at one time and go down several times. Otherwise, the meat that goes down first will not be cooked together with the meat that goes down later, which will also lead to the paste that goes down first and the meat that goes down later will not be fried

Step 6
When the oil temperature rises to 80%, put the fried meat in batches into the pot at one time. In the process, fry three times, each time not more than two minutes, a long time will lead to hard but not crisp. Deep fry until the shell is crisp and golden yellow

Step 7
Put a little oil in the pot, pour in onion, ginger, garlic and carrot, and fry until fragrant. Pour the mixed juice into the pot, heat to boiling, and pour in the fried tenderloin

Step 8
Stir fry evenly and add coriander to get out of the pot