No proportion, self created taste. The juice is adjusted according to the taste of each population, and the acidity and sweetness are controlled by themselves.


Moderate pork tenderloin
A little white pepper
Appropriate amount of apple vinegar
Proper amount of sugar
1 tablespoon raw soy sauce
A little refined salt
1 tablespoon water starch
A little garlic powder
A little refined salt
Half a spoonful of yellow rice wine
Appropriate amount of starch
Appropriate amount of onion and ginger
A small amount of coriander
A little chicken essence
Tomato sauce


Step 1
Slice the meat and chop it with the back of the knife.

Step 2
Put it into a small basin, mix it with seasoning and marinate it until it tastes good.

Step 3
Mix the starch with the meat and mix well

Step 4
Heat the oil for 6 layers and put it down one by one. The first time it is fried, the second time it is crispy.

Step 5
Put tomato sauce, vinegar and sugar in the pot, and smoke less raw. Put a spoon of water in one hand, put onion and ginger in, and pour in a little water starch.

Step 6
Pour in the fried meat

Step 7
Put coriander on it

Step 8
Quickly weigh the spoon evenly

Step 9
Sour, sweet and delicious