The first time I have no experience, please forgive me!


800g pork (tenderloin)
500 ml oil
10g carrot
20G sugar
5g coriander
10ml vinegar
3 G ginger
100g starch


Step 1
Cut the tenderloin into thin slices, marinate it with salt, cooking wine and soy sauce for five minutes, and seal it with plastic wrap to taste.

Step 2
Bring the oil pan to a boil, add the cured tenderloin and fry until golden.

Step 3
Deep fried to golden

Step 4
Fried meat

Step 5
Fried meat

Step 6
This was prepared from the beginning. I forgot. Cut the carrots into shreds, prepare onions and coriander. I don't like them, so I didn't put them. You can put some to improve the taste.

Step 7
After all fried, put it back into the pot and crispy.

Step 8
Put the onion, carrot and fried meat into the fryer again. Stir fry, add appropriate salt, add sugar and ketchup, stir fry.

Step 9