Big Cong is northeast Yiner. From time to time, I want to eat fried pork and sauce bones. I have to say that I have eaten a lot of delicious northeast dishes with him, and I am crazy about fried pork. However, every time I go out to eat, the restaurant is too sincere and the quantity is very large. We can’t eat it all, so we think about making it ourselves at home, I can control the taste and the hardness of meat, but also control the amount. When I make a plate, it’s sour ~ I can’t help swallowing my saliva, and it’s all gone in a while!


300g pork tenderloin
100g potato starch
50ml white vinegar
30g sugar
5g salt
10ml cooking wine
3 g white pepper
30g scallion
30g carrot
2 parsley
15g ginger


Step 1
Prepare water starch: pour potato starch into the bowl, add water, stir with chopsticks until the starch is turned on, stand for half an hour, make the starch precipitate at the bottom, press it with your hand, pour out the water on the surface, add edible oil, and stir it into a paste (the starch is fluid)

Step 2
Prepare pork: Pork Tenderloin (preferably fresh meat, with more vivid meat quality and better taste) is cut into pieces. The meat slices need not be too thin, but 3mm thick, otherwise it is easy to be fried hard; Add salt, white pepper and cooking wine and marinate for 10 minutes

Step 3
Prepare auxiliary materials: shred scallions, ginger and carrots, cut coriander stems into long sections, and sprinkle coriander leaves on them when they are left on the dressing plate

Step 4
Mix the pickled meat with dry starch, and it is not easy to de pulp the fried meat later

Step 5
Pour the meat into the prepared starch paste and stir it evenly so that each piece of meat is hung with starch paste. If it is not easy to stir, you can also dip the meat in the paste one by one for standby

Step 6
Heat the oil pan, about 60 or 70% hot. Put the stirred meat pieces into the pot one by one, fry and set the shape. The meat pieces can be taken out without adhesion

Step 7
The meat slices fried for the first time can turn yellow slightly

Step 8
Turn the fire up a little. When the oil pan is 80 or 90% hot, put the meat slices fried for the first time into the pot, fry them again, fry them to the surface, knock them on with a shovel, and they can be taken out (don't fry them, they don't taste soft and dry)

Step 9
Leave the bottom oil in the pot, pour in sugar and stir fry. When the sugar bubbles, add white vinegar and a little salt and stir

Step 10
First add shredded green onion, shredded ginger, shredded carrot and coriander stem, stir fry twice, quickly pour in the fried meat slices, stir fry together, let the meat slices be evenly dipped in sweet and sour juice, and the sour and sweet fried pork can be out of the pot