An authentic northeast dish!


300g pork tenderloin
150g starch
An egg
A carrot
Appropriate amount of coriander
Right amount of onion
Proper amount of ginger
Appropriate amount of white vinegar
Proper amount of sugar


Step 1
Preparation materials: carrot, starch, green onion, ginger, coriander, meat, egg \ nscut all vegetables and meat 3-4m thick

Step 2
\N put an egg, a proper amount of starch, a little cooking wine, a spoonful of salt and a little edible oil into the meat, and marinate it for about 10 minutes \ n

Step 3
The salted meat is pasted with starch

Step 4
Start frying when the oil temperature is 60%, fry until golden light, and take out the oil control

Step 5
Re fry when the oil temperature is 80%, fry until crisp, and take it out (pay attention not to turn off the fire when taking it out, otherwise the meat will eat a lot of oil)

Step 6
Pour white vinegar and two tablespoons of sugar into the pot and stir well

Step 7
\N pour in shredded vegetables and stir, then put in the fried meat slices and stir slightly out of the pot