Han nationality name point


400g glutinous rice
20G black rice
50g lard (refined)
20G melon seed kernel
20G peanut kernel (fried)
20G jujube slices
50g raisins
20G Lycium barbarum
15 green beans
30g corn
20G walnut kernel
200g bean paste
2 tablespoons sugar


Step 1
Raw materials: melon seed kernel, peanuts, jujube slices, raisins, walnuts, medlar, green beans, corn, lard and bean paste

Step 2
Glutinous rice + black rice spoon into rice, mix with a spoonful of lard and a spoonful of sugar, and mix well

Step 3
Prepare an empty bowl and evenly coat the inner edge of the bowl with lard

Step 4
Dip green beans, corn, raisins, melon seed kernels, peanuts and medlar on lard

Step 5
Press the pre mixed glutinous rice into the bowl, leaving space in the middle

Step 6
Put jujube slices, walnuts and bean paste in the middle

Step 7
Then spread it with an appropriate amount of glutinous rice

Step 8
Prepare an empty plate, buckle the bowl upside down on the plate, and gently demould it

Step 9
According to the above method, the operation can be repeated

Step 10
Pure glutinous rice cooking can make white glutinous rice Babao rice