Three eggs
180g low gluten flour
5 tablespoons Dutch dairy cheese milk
2 tablespoons long life wild honey
1 tsp Baking powder
Proper amount of bean paste


Step 1
Add sugar to the egg, stir well, and the color will be a little white( Or use the electric egg beater to beat to three times of the original volume, the beating will be more soft, but the taste difference is not big.) add milk and honey, stir slightly with a scraper.

Step 2
Add the sifted low flour, be sure to sift, so that the air into the flour, easier to stir evenly, not caking, and will be more fluffy. Cut and mix evenly without particles( Cut and mix in a straight line, and do not stir in circles to avoid reinforcement and affect the softness.)

Step 3
Put the batter covered with plastic film in the refrigerator for half an hour and take it out for standby. Scraper across the batter can be a grain, too thick, you can add a small amount of milk or water adjustment. But this prescription doesn't need water. Too thick cake will be very thick, too thin cake will be very thin

Step 4
If the primer is not uniform, it is easy to cause the middle paste without coloring around. The solution: heat the cake around with a small fire first, and then heat the middle

Step 5
When the surface of the cake is covered with small bubbles, it can be turned over. Brown on one side and light yellow on the other.

Step 6
Choose two cake skins of the same size, put bean paste in the middle, close them, and you're done~