The origin of tangbujili has something to do with the eight immortals. In the 19th year of Daoguang reign of Qing Dynasty, there were many opium addicts in Dongkeng Town of Dongguan, Guangdong Province. On February 2 of the early spring, due to the spread of poison, the people were in dire need of living. The men who went to Dongkeng for the “selling their lives Festival” were very few, most of them were yellow and thin, and the labor force was reduced. After hearing this, LV Dongbin quickly made the elixir to cure addiction and help all living beings. But the good medicine is bitter. Moreover, it offends the law of heaven to go down to earth without permission. So, immortal Lu hid the elixir in the cooked glutinous flour pill, cooked it with syrup to make a sweet, smooth and delicious “sugar does not throw away” (meaning “the sugar powder is sticky and the elixir does not separate”), and turned himself into a peddler, half selling and half giving from the street to the end of the market. After they ate it, they killed the opium and recovered their strength and intelligence. The 24 solar terms of the lunar calendar are so backward that Dongkeng is famous for its “tangbujili”.


120g glutinous rice flour
50g peanuts
200 grams of water
100g brown sugar
2 g ginger
50g brown sugar


Step 1
Main materials

Step 2
Take 150 grams of warm water and pour into the glutinous flour. Stir and mix

Step 3
Then divide it into evenly sized tablets and round washboard.

Step 4
Add sugar and ginger slices in the pan and boil the water until the dumplings float. Take it out and put it in a clear water bowl.

Step 5
Fried peanuts. Fry the peanuts and roll them while they are hot.

Step 6
Pot put 50 grams of water, add sugar slices, ginger boiling, thickening it

Step 7