Tangbupai, also known as Ruyi fruit, is a traditional Cantonese dessert. The taste is absolutely crisp, smooth and sweet, refreshing but not greasy, fragrant and salty for all ages. It’s the twin brother of Tangyuan, adding ginger juice to dispel cold and healthy qi.


80g glutinous rice flour
20g Chengfen
70 g water
30g brown sugar
40g water
Proper amount of cooked sesame


Step 1
Mix glutinous rice flour, Chengfen and water

Step 2
Knead into a smooth glutinous rice ball

Step 3
Knead evenly into small balls, about 16 grams, a total of 11

Step 4
Bring the water to a boil, pour in the glutinous rice balls, float the balls to the surface and cook for another 2 minutes

Step 5
Remove the glutinous rice balls

Step 6
Syrup production: brown sugar and water into the pot

Step 7
Open medium heat and slowly melt brown sugar until syrup is formed

Step 8
Pour the syrup on the glutinous rice balls and sprinkle with a little cooked sesame