Tangbu Shuan, also known as Ruyi fruit, is a traditional famous point of Han nationality in Guangdong Province. Its taste is crisp, smooth, sweet, refreshing but not greasy, fragrant and salty for all ages. It’s the twin brother of Tangyuan, adding ginger juice to dispel cold and healthy qi“ It is easy to cook the glutinous rice flour directly, rub it into powder balls, cook it with boiling syrup in an iron pot, and then sprinkle with ground fried peanuts or shredded fried eggs.


75g glutinous rice flour
65 grams of water
40g red slice sugar
Peanuts in moderation
1 egg
Proper amount of ginger juice


Step 1
Weigh the glutinous rice flour and water, sift the glutinous rice flour and set aside

Step 2
Add a little water into the water milled glutinous rice flour to form a ball

Step 3
The glutinous rice dough into a small ball

Step 4
Boil the glutinous rice balls with water over high heat until all the glutinous rice balls float

Step 5
Put it in a container with cold water and soak for about 10 minutes

Step 6
Fried peanuts

Step 7
Fried eggs into omelets

Step 8
Pour water into the pot, put in red sugar and bring to a boil over low heat

Step 9
Put the glutinous rice balls in and cook until the soup is thick

Step 10
Add appropriate amount of ginger juice, stir well, then out of the pot

Step 11
Peanuts peeled and smashed

Step 12
Shredded egg cake

Step 13
Put the glutinous rice balls into a bowl and put the shredded eggs and peanuts