The taste is mellow and juicy, and the fragrance spreads to all families.


750g streaky pork
3 g salt
15ml soy sauce
40ml raw extract
200 ml fruit wine
20G rock sugar
10g shallots
3 star anise
10g ginger
A little green cabbage


Step 1
Wash the streaky pork and cut it into 3 pieces. Put half of the scallion and ginger into the pot in cold water, cover it, press the fire control key 5 of vantage program-controlled stove, boil it, add 20g fruit wine, cook it for 5 minutes, pick it up and wash it

Step 2
At the bottom of the pot, put bamboo grate first, and then add onion and ginger

Step 3
Put the skin of the meat piece down, add soy sauce, fruit wine, rock sugar, salt and star anise, and then add boiling water. The water content of the juice can immerse the pork for 8 minutes

Step 4
The firepower adjustment key is in gear 5. After the high fire is covered and boiled, the firepower adjustment key is in gear 2. Turn the low fire to boil for one hour

Step 5
When the time is up, open it, put the meat skin up, cover it and continue to cook for half an hour, then adjust the key 5 with fire power, and collect the juice with high fire

Step 6
Take out the meat and put it into a bowl. Pour 2 tablespoons of gravy on the surface. Steam over high heat for half an hour and turn off the fire

Step 7
Pour the evaporated juice into the original pot, harvest the thick juice over high fire and turn off the fire

Step 8
Scald the green vegetable heart in boiling water until it changes color and remove it

Step 9
First, put the pork into the basin, surround the vegetable heart, and pour the thick juice on the meat