Dongpo meat was made in memory of Dongpo, not created by Su Dongpo himself.


1 slice of streaky pork
2 g star anise
6 orange peel
50g rock sugar
Right amount of onion
Proper amount of ginger
200g cooking wine
2 small pieces of cinnamon
200g raw soy sauce


Step 1
Cut the whole piece of streaky pork into 8 squares and wrap the meat with cotton thread to prevent the meat from spreading after cooking;

Step 2
Put the pot in cold water, add scallions and ginger slices, bring to a boil until the meat changes color and is cooked;

Step 3
Remove the meat and rinse it with cold water;

Step 4
Put the meat pieces into the pot again, with the skin face down, add cooking wine and soy sauce, and then add water to avoid the meat pieces;

Step 5
After boiling, put other ingredients into it and turn to medium low heat for 40min-60min until the juice is thick, red and bright;

Step 6
When the juice is almost collected, pick up the meat, put it on a plate, pour juice on it, and steam it on a steamer for 1-2 hours until the meat is crisp and rotten.