Speaking of Hangzhou, in addition to the West Lake, the famous Hangzhou dishes are all kinds of characteristics, and Dongpo meat is one of them.


1500g streaky pork
250ml yellow rice wine
100g sugar
150 ml soy sauce
50g ginger
50g scallion knot
Proper amount of water
50ml raw extract


Step 1
Wash pork with cold water and remove the hair on the skin

Step 2
Blanch in boiling water until ripe

Step 3
Cut into small squares of 4 times 4

Step 4
Take another casserole and cover it with chives and ginger slices

Step 5
The skin of the meat is down and stacked on the shallots

Step 6
Add sugar

Step 7
Add Shaoxing wine

Step 8
Add soy sauce and soy sauce

Step 9
Basically, there is no need to drain water. Boil it over a high fire first

Step 10
After boiling, reduce the heat

Step 11
Cover and simmer for two hours

Step 12
After two hours, turn the meat over and cover it with the skin up

Step 13
Put it in the juice overnight, then take it out and put it in a pottery or porcelain pot

Step 14
Steam over high heat for half an hour