Dongpo meat is my first time. It tastes good. I think it’s OK. The production is not so complicated, as long as you grasp the time well. Almost. In fact, you can make the finished meat look better. I think it’s good to add some Monascus powder.


500g streaky pork
A bottle of yellow rice wine
A piece of ginger
A handful of green onions
A little five spice powder
A little rock sugar
A little old smoke


Step 1
Here I'll talk about washing meat first. Many families wash it with water. Now let me introduce that it's best to use baking soda to clean all meat. It has several advantages. First, there are many kinds of dust and bacteria in the process of meat trading. Soaking baking soda for 15 minutes can fully clean the meat food and have the effect of tender meat

Step 2
Boil in cold water and pour out the water after boiling

Step 3
Spread ginger slices and scallions on the bottom of the pot

Step 4
Put the boiled pork with the skin down and put it in order

Step 5
Sprinkle a little five spice powder. Five spice powder can replace all kinds of ingredients

Step 6
Add rock sugar, soy sauce and a whole bottle of yellow rice wine. Don't put water. Bring to a boil and simmer for about an hour and a half

Step 7
Finally, pick up the streaky pork, put it neatly in a bowl, put the meat skin upward, cover it with plastic wrap, and keep it away from water for 30 minutes