In the Song Dynasty, Su Dongpo’s composition ranked among the eight masters of the Tang and Song dynasties. His ci writing and Xin Qiji were both unique, and his calligraphy and painting were also unique. Even in the art of cooking, he is good at it. When he offended the emperor and was demoted to Huangzhou, he often cooked himself and tasted with his friends. Su Dongpo’s cooking was best at braised meat. He once wrote a poem to introduce his cooking experience as follows: “slow fire, less water, it will be beautiful when the fire is full.” However, firing “Dongpo meat” named after him is said to be an interesting thing when he returned to Hangzhou as a local official for the second time.


800g streaky pork
80 ml soy sauce
40g rock sugar
8g ginger
10g scallion
300 ml flower carving wine
5g salt


Step 1
A whole piece of pork

Step 2
Blanch streaky pork into shape

Step 3
Cut the streaky pork into pieces of about 3cm

Step 4
Lay a layer of broken bamboo sticks on the bottom of the pot

Step 5
Spread the green onion and ginger on the bamboo stick

Step 6
Code the meat with the skin down

Step 7
Add soy sauce and flower carving wine

Step 8
Add rock sugar and salt, put it on fire, bring it to a boil, turn it to a low fire, and simmer slowly for 1.5 hours. Turn the middle side over with the meat skin facing up. I don't know why the pictures of this process didn't exist. The camera broke down, and the stewed meat was moved into the plate

Step 9
Remove the bamboo stick, onion and ginger from the original soup, pour them on the meat, put them on the steamer, cover with plastic wrap, and steam for an hour

Step 10
Steamed Dongpo meat