In the Republic of China, it was called “Dong’an chicken”. During the first Northern Expedition in 1926, Tang Shengzhi, a famous patriotic general of the Chinese Kuomintang, was appointed commander in chief of the former enemy of the northern expedition. After the victory of the northern expedition, Tang Shengzhi settled in Nanjing. In order to celebrate the victory of the northern expedition, he hosted a banquet in Nanjing for his subordinates and colleagues, and a “official chicken” was served between the banquet. His personal chef is from wujiaqiao, who is more particular about cooking skills. First of all, the selected chicken must be a female chicken without laying eggs, weighing no more than one and a half catties; When making, the fire skill is just right, keeping the blood in the chicken bone bright red; In the knife, a chicken in addition to viscera, a total of 16 pieces, placed on the plate, just a complete chicken. After eating it, the subordinates and colleagues all said that the dish is beautiful in shape, bright in color, fresh and tender in meat, refreshing in sour and spicy taste, fat but not greasy, never tired of eating, full of fragrance, rich in nutrition, and full of fragrance, sweet, sour, spicy, tender and crisp. Asked what the name of the dish was, Tang Shengzhi was about to open his mouth when Gu Boxu, who was next to him, reminded him: “hometown flavor, hometown cuisine.” Tang Shengzhi immediately said, “this is a special dish of Dong’an. It’s called” Dong’an chicken. ” Tang Shengzhi had a wide range of diplomacy, and he often served “Dong’an chicken” as a banquet dish. Guo Moruo’s “Hongbo Ji” also records: during the Anti Japanese War, Tang Shengzhi hosted a banquet in the residence of Shuilu Prefecture, Changsha, where Dongan chicken was very delicious. In February 1972, during the US president’s visit to China, Mao Zedong hosted a banquet for Nixon, during which Dong’an chicken was also served. Nixon boasted while eating. After he returned home, he praised Dong’an chicken for its excellent taste. Soon spread to Nanyang, North America, Jordan, Malaysia, Japan, Singapore and other countries. Since then, Dong’an chicken has been listed as a state banquet dish, the first of the eight Hunan dishes.


1 hen
10g fresh rice pepper
3 G wild prickly ash seeds
25g ginger
25g cooking wine
100g Dongan rice vinegar
25g scallion
4G refined salt
50g cooked lard
200g chicken soup
2 red peppers
10 g sesame oil


Step 1
After the hens are slaughtered and cleaned, the meat is washed and put into the soup pot. Add appropriate amount of water to blanch for about 5 minutes, and then soak for 5 minutes. When the chicken is mature, remove and cool it

Step 2
The original way of Dongan chicken is to chop a chicken into eight points. Now this local tyrant's method has been improved, cutting it into 5cm long along the meat grain. 2 cm wide slice, ginger. Red pepper cut into silk. Fresh rice pepper cut into powder. Onion cut into sections

Step 3
Ginger, red pepper cut into shreds. Fresh rice pepper cut into powder. Onion cut into sections

Step 4
Stir fry the chicken, shredded ginger, fresh rice pepper, and the end of fresh rice pepper. Then add rice vinegar, cooking wine, refined salt, and wild prickly ash seeds. Then add chicken soup and simmer for 2 minutes. When the juice reaches one-third, add scallion and flavoring. Pour in sesame oil and put it on the pan