(for the live chicken, cut off the head, neck and PP, dig up the internal organs and clean them) I used to like to use the old electric rice cooker to make this kind of food, which is very convenient. I’m lazy this time


1000 grams of chicken
Proper amount of soy sauce
A little ginger
2 g Sugar
3 G shallot


Step 1
Spread the scallion and ginger slices on the bottom of the pot, put more ginger and onion, not only more delicious, but also can prevent paste bottom;

Step 2
Put the whole chicken on top of ginger and onion;

Step 3
Add sugar;

Step 4
Drizzle with soy sauce;

Step 5
Cover the pan, bring to a boil over medium heat, turn to low heat and bake slowly;

Step 6
Turn the middle 2 ~ 3 times, so that the whole chicken can be evenly colored and tasted;

Step 7
Insert chopsticks from the chicken thigh. If there is no blood coming out, it means it is ripe. Turn the big fire and close the sauce until it is thick;

Step 8
After a little cold out of the pot and then cut pieces, you can directly pour the sauce on it, or you can use a small plate to load the sauce, and then dip it to eat.