Braised pork is a popular dish with streaky pork as the main ingredient. Streaky pork meets fat and thin, sweet and soft. It melts in the mouth, is fat but not greasy, and tastes delicious


700g streaky pork
2G pepper
2 g star anise
3 fragrant leaves
5g salt
60g kelp
25g broccoli
1 tbsp cooking wine
1 tbsp soy sauce
1g cinnamon


Step 1
Wash the streaky pork and cut into cubes. Blanch in boiling water. Control the water

Step 2
Pick a few pieces of fat cubed meat and put them into the pot. Slowly fry the oil over low heat, melt it with rock sugar, and then pour in the remaining five flower meat and stir fry

Step 3
Add ginger, green onion, pepper, star anise, cinnamon and fragrant leaf cooking wine. Add a little old smoke. Pour in boiling water and basically cover the meat. Cook over a small medium heat for 60 minutes. Finally, it's good to collect the remaining soup

Step 4
finished product

Step 5
finished product