Deer meat balls in clear soup. This dish is made of refined deer meat and fat pork. It is fat but not greasy, delicious and smooth; Cooking with chicken soup makes this dish clear but not light, delicious and delicious.


150g venison (sika deer)
50g pork
5 rape
20G black fungus


Step 1
Dice venison and fat pork into mud, change black fungus, onion and ginger into knives, boil water in a small pot, and scald the rape for use

Step 2
Pour chicken soup into the soup pot, put green onion and ginger into the fire and start cooking. Make balls during soup cooking, and add a little salt to the meat filling

Step 3
Then add cooking wine and soy sauce

Step 4
Add starch and grasp well to make balls

Step 5
After the soup boils, put the ball into the pot and add black fungus

Step 6
After the soup boils again, remove the floating foam, turn to low heat, add a little salt to taste, wait until the balls completely float up, and add hot rape