Cut steamed bread with milk flavored knife


200g flour
1 bag of Dutch milk
Proper amount of soda powder


Step 1
Add old flour to the flour, pour in milk and flour. If the milk is not enough, add some water

Step 2
Put the dough aside to make hair

Step 3
After the dough is ready, add water mixed with baking soda and flour alkali, and then add an appropriate amount of dry flour to knead into dough

Step 4
After the dough is kneaded, make a second hair raising

Step 5
Put the dough on the chopping board and knead it smooth

Step 6
Roll the dough with a rolling pin

Step 7
Roll it up again

Step 8
Cut into small pieces with a knife

Step 9
Sit water in the pot and put the cut steamed bread with a gap in the middle

Step 10
Cover, boil over high heat, turn to medium heat and steam for 20 minutes