I like tiramisu best in the cake. It is sweet but not greasy. It melts in the mouth. The faint smell of wine is very intoxicating! I make a tiramisu every once in a while to feast my mouth! Since I learned to bake, I almost don’t buy desserts in the store. All the desserts I want to eat are made by myself! The ingredients they use are good, and the taste is better than the desserts on the market!


(mascapone) 250g cream
60g milk
180g light cream
3 egg yolks
15 g Masala
60g fine granulated sugar
30g Espresso
30g cocoa powder
1 pack of finger biscuits


Step 1
Add milk and sugar to 3 egg yolks.

Step 2
Beat with an egg beater until foamy.

Step 3
Put the large bowl in hot water, heat it and beat it continuously, so that the temperature of the egg liquid milk mixture rises to about 80 degrees, and beat the egg yolk into a thick shape. Note that the temperature should not be too high. Too high a temperature will turn egg yolk into egg flower soup.

Step 4
After the water is continuously heated and stirred into a viscous shape, take the big bowl out of the hot water immediately and put it in the cold water basin to cool down. Stir while cooling.

Step 5
Prepare a large clean bowl and beat mascarpone until smooth

Step 6
Pour mascarpone into the cooled egg yolk and stir until fully blended.

Step 7
The stirred mixture will be thinner, and then put the mixed mascarpone egg yolk paste into the refrigerator to refrigerate for a while and become more viscous.

Step 8
Beat the light cream egg beater until there is a slight grain.

Step 9
Pour the whipped cream into the mascarpone mixture and stir well

Step 10
Add masala to espresso to make coffee wine.

Step 11
Cut the finger biscuit into sections, dip it in the coffee wine, evenly stick the coffee wine, and then spread it on the bottom of the cup.

Step 12
Pour the mascarpone cream paste thickened by refrigeration half the height of the cup, and then spread a layer of mascarpone finger biscuits dipped in coffee wine.

Step 13
Then pour in mascarpone cream paste, seal the mouth of the cup with plastic wrap and put it in the refrigerator for more than 6 hours or overnight. Just Sift some cocoa powder on it before eating. If you like Matcha flavor, you can also screen Matcha powder.