This is a dish that can be used as a staple food. It’s a little oily, but I can’t stop eating it. I really can’t eat it when I’m losing weight


350g potatoes
Appropriate cumin
Proper amount of salt and pepper
Proper amount of white pepper
3-4 garlic
A green onion
Proper amount of sesame


Step 1
Steam and peel potatoes in advance

Step 2
Cut the garlic, onion and potatoes into small pieces

Step 3
Pour oil into the pan and fry the potatoes until golden

Step 4
Add salt and pepper, white pepper, cumin and a little soy sauce and stir fry evenly

Step 5
Add minced garlic and stir fry scallions to get out of the pot

Step 6
Finally sprinkle a handful of cooked sesame seeds

Step 7
You can eat