Cucumber white meat roll


150g cucumber
Appropriate amount of salt
Moderate amount of ginger
Moderate amount of vinegar
Right amount of zanthoxylum oil
Proper amount of sesame oil
Proper amount of sugar
Proper amount of white sesame
Appropriate amount of chopped pepper
Proper amount of tea oil


Step 1
Peel garlic seeds and ginger, chop into fine powder, add a little boiled water and mix well

Step 2
Cut dried red pepper into sections and stir in hot oil

Step 3
Put a little white sesame and chopped pepper, can be out of the pot into a bowl of ginger and garlic juice

Step 4
Put some sugar in

Step 5
Add vinegar and sesame oil to make sauce

Step 6
Wash the cucumber and pork

Step 7
Put the pork in the boiling water and cook it

Step 8
Put the cooked pork in the refrigerator for 10 minutes, then cut it into 4 cm wide and 9 cm long slices

Step 9
Cut the cucumber from the middle and cut it into 9cm thin slices

Step 10
Soften the cucumber slices with salt

Step 11
Spread the cucumber slices on the cutting board and spread a piece of pork on it

Step 12
Roll it by hand

Step 13
Put it in the dish, pour on the sauce and you can eat it