Tomato and egg soup, seaweed and egg soup, Eggdrop Soup Kwai melon, old cucumber soup, and cucumber egg soup are basically the same. I hope you like them.


An egg
Half root cucumber
A spoonful of salt
Half teaspoon pepper powder
Proper oil
A section of onion


Step 1
Egg smashing

Step 2
Cut cucumber into diamond pieces

Step 3
Chopped scallion

Step 4
Put oil in the pot

Step 5
Sauteed scallion

Step 6
to discharge water

Step 7
Season with pepper powder

Step 8
Seasoning with salt

Step 9
Put cucumbers when the water is almost boiling. If you like soft ones, put them early, and if you like crispy ones, put them later

Step 10
Boil until the water boils. Put the egg liquid when turning the flowers

Step 11
Pour eggs evenly into the soup

Step 12
After boiling, you can come out of the pot

Step 13
Drink, fragrant