Children in the north, it is not easy to eat. When they see it on the Internet, they feel very attractive. They decide to solve their hunger by themselves, and finally find chengmian, ready to start work.


100g clear noodles
30g corn starch
150g shrimp
50g pork
Two water chestnuts
Small carrot
5g salt
5 g Sugar
3 g white pepper
A little sesame oil
Appropriate amount of chicken essence
5g vegetable oil


Step 1
Add 10g corn starch to 100g clear noodles, add 2G salt, add a little boiling water, stir until flocculent, then cover and simmer for 5 minutes

Step 2
It's a little sticky at first. Add the remaining cornstarch and knead it into a ball

Step 3
Then add a little vegetable oil and continue to knead. Then spare

Step 4
Shelled shrimp and minced water chestnut and carrot

Step 5
2 / 3 of the shrimps are smashed with the back of a knife. Do not cut them. Then mix them with other carrots, water chestnuts and meat. Add salt, sugar, white pepper and a little MSG. Try the taste adjustment. In addition, dice the shrimps in half, then beat the meat stuffing from high altitude 20-30 times, put it in the refrigerator for 15 minutes, add the shrimps and stir well. You can put a little sesame oil in it

Step 6
Divide the dough into small groups and press flat

Step 7
Apply a little oil on the back of the knife, and then press the dough into a circle in a smooth place. Apply even force. If you don't succeed at the beginning, just try several times. Then take off the skin

Step 8
Press as thin as possible

Step 9
Put in the stuffing, not too full, it will leak. Because the skin has no elasticity, it's not easy to wrap

Step 10
Half fold

Step 11
Pinch up the side and let the other index finger push the dough over

Step 12
Then continue to press together, pinch

Step 13
Pinch each fold in turn

Step 14
It's done. Pay attention to pinch it tightly, or it will turn on when steaming. Don't crush it too hard

Step 15
Slice radish and put shrimp dumplings on the bottom. Then boil water in the pan. Steam for 5 minutes in the steamer after steaming. Just over medium high fire

Step 16
Steamed out of the pot, I made about 3 cages, using two parts of 100 grams of clear noodles, leaving a little bit of skin. The carrots below are also delicious, ha ha. Forgive me for the rupture of some parts. This is a reminder that we should pay attention to these small problems