Crystal shrimp dumplings are crystal clear in appearance. The name makes people feel very special. It makes people salivate when they see the real things. Every time you go to a Hong Kong restaurant, you must order four of them in a cage. They are expensive and can’t enjoy themselves. Ha ha.


250 g Chengfen
50g corn starch
200g fresh shrimp
200g pork
Carrot in moderation
Appropriate amount of chives
Moderate salt
Proper fuel consumption
Moderate amount of olive oil
Pepper in moderation


Step 1
Prepare all the ingredients: minced pork; Rinse the prawns, peel off the shell and remove the thread. Leave some whole prawns and chop the others for later use; The carrots are broken by a cooking machine; Chop the chives.

Step 2
Marinate the shrimps with a little salt and pepper for 15 minutes.

Step 3
Put the shrimp paste, pork paste, scallion and carrot into the container. Add a little sugar, chicken powder, salt, oil and ginger. Stir well in the same direction.

Step 4
A good filling.

Step 5
Mix 100g of Chengfen and 1g of salt well, then add 200ml of boiling water and blanch; Just pour into the boiling water, do not rush to stir, about half a minute and then stir chopsticks into flocs.

Step 6
Then add 150 grams of Chengfen and corn starch to mix, knead into smooth dough.

Step 7
Close the lid for 5 minutes.

Step 8
Take it out and rub it thoroughly. Put some olive oil on your hand and rub it into long strips.

Step 9
Cut it into small pieces about the same size.

Step 10
Take out a dough and roll it into a round slice with a rolling pin; Other dough not to be used for the time being should be put into the container and covered with a lid to prevent cracking.

Step 11
Put in the stuffing, and then put a shrimp on top, ready to knead into dumplings.

Step 12
Hold up the shrimp dumpling skin with the left hand, and pinch one side of the shrimp dumpling skin with the thumb and index finger of the right hand.

Step 13
Use the right hand food to point to the lower end of the left hand index finger, put it into the edge of the shrimp dumpling skin, and gently pinch out the flower fold in turn.

Step 14
It's a good dumpling.

Step 15
Lay oil paper on the drawer, and then place the shrimp dumplings neatly on it. There should be enough space between each shrimp dumpling to prevent sticking during steaming.

Step 16
Boil the water in the pot, steam the dumplings for 8 minutes and then out of the pot.

Step 17
The finished product is white and transparent, soft, elastic and not fragile.