Shrimp dumpling is a traditional famous dish of Han nationality in Guangdong Province. It is made of clear noodles and raw powder; The fresh prawns are washed, shelled, dried, crushed and stirred to form meat glue. It is refined by hand. The skin is delicate and the muscle is smooth. The mouth is tough and vigorous, fresh and meaningful.


40g shrimp
120g clear noodles
40 raw flour
3 g salt
A little pepper
10 grams of sugar


Step 1
Shrimp ready.

Step 2
Shrimp head, shell and shrimp line.

Step 3
Cut into mud.

Step 4
Add salt, pepper and sugar to the shrimp paste and stir in the same direction.

Step 5
Prepare clear noodles and cornmeal.

Step 6
Use boiling water to heat clear noodles and cornflour, and mix them into dough.

Step 7
Coil on it and wake up for about 10 minutes.

Step 8
Put carrot slices in the steamer.

Step 9
Take a small dough and knead it into a small disc

Step 10
Wrap in shrimp.

Step 11
Pinch and place on top of carrot slices (anti stick).

Step 12
After all wrapped, steam for 15 minutes.