Shrimp dumpling is the most representative snack in Guangdong. It is a must order snack for Cantonese cuisine. The skin of dumpling is soft and tough, crystal clear, and the stuffing is light and delicious. Steaming can better retain the fresh flavor of food materials. Shrimp dumpling can be eaten every day, and it is suitable for morning tea, afternoon market and night snack. It is more economical to prepare materials by yourself and practice.


400g shrimp
120g Chengfen
50g raw powder
10 g lotus root
50g pork (fat)
A little soda


Step 1
After buying the fresh shrimp, peel off the skin, remove the shrimp line, then add some baking soda to the shrimp and stir evenly, then clean it with water and control the moisture

Step 2
Then half of them are chopped into mud, and the other half is cut into large pieces

Step 3
Cut the fat and lotus root into small pieces and add them to the shrimp

Step 4
Add salt, sugar, pepper, MSG, fish sauce and sesame oil to the filling

Step 5
Mix all the fillings well

Step 6
Soak the rice dumpling leaves or lotus leaves in soft water and put them into the steamer

Step 7
Mix the ingredients of the dough

Step 8
Blend into a soft dough

Step 9
Rub long strips, then pull them into small dosage pieces, and roll them into thin slices

Step 10
Put the stuffing in the middle, and then put a large piece of shrimp meat, pinch the edge into the shape of dumplings

Step 11
Put the dumplings into the steamer and steam for about 10 minutes