Guangzhou tea must be accompanied by a cage of shrimp dumplings, that good shrimp dumplings pay attention to the skin should be white as snow, thin as paper, translucent; The stuffing should be visible, smooth and delicious. With a pot of good tea, it tastes great! It is one of the classics of Cantonese morning tea.


360 grams of shrimp
40g corn starch
100g Chengfen
3 tbsp oil
Two green onions
3 teaspoons salt
A small piece of carrot
Appropriate amount of chicken essence
Proper amount of cooking wine


Step 1
Remove the head and shell.

Step 2
Take a toothpick at the second section of the shrimp tail and pick out all the shrimp thread.

Step 3
Take two-thirds of the shrimps and stew them with the back of a knife. Cut the rest into small pieces.

Step 4
Put the prawns, sliced prawns, carrots and scallions together and add the salt, cooking wine and chicken essence.

Step 5
Put the Chengfen and cornstarch together and stir for 10 minutes.

Step 6
Knead the noodles well

Step 7
Cut into pieces and press into pieces with a knife

Step 8
Put the bag in. Steam for 20 minutes