I don’t need to talk more about shrimp dumplings. The key to making shrimp dumplings is not to cut the diced bamboo shoots too big, otherwise the foreskin is easy to break. In addition, I’m really not good at making shrimp dumplings. The shrimp dumplings are not very good-looking


100g shrimp
10 grams of fat
20G winter bamboo shoots
15g corn starch
50g wheat starch
50 ml boiled water
2 g pepper
2 g salt
1 g Sugar


Step 1
Shrimp try to use green shrimp or Thai river shrimp, the advantage of this kind of shrimp is not too much processing can achieve Q bomb refreshing. Pig fat plays a lubricating role, which can prevent shrimp glue from drying out.

Step 2
Blanch the bamboo shoots and cut them into small pieces.

Step 3
Beat part of the shrimps into mud, mix with the winter bamboo shoots and fat, add salt and white pepper to taste, beat into shrimp glue and set aside.

Step 4
After mixing wheat starch and corn starch, add boiling water and stir to form snowflakes.

Step 5
Add a little lard, knead into dough and divide into small pieces.

Step 6
Put cooking oil on the back of the knife and press the dough into dough.

Step 7
Wrap in shrimp and shrimp glue to make shrimp dumplings.

Step 8
The steamer is padded with oil paper, and the shrimp dumplings are padded with carrot slices.

Step 9
The steam furnace is set to steam 100 ° Seven minutes.

Step 10
Remove after steaming.