In summer, I tried to make a simple breakfast with different patterns, and I succeeded for the first time.


100g Chengfen
10g raw powder
20 shrimps
10g carrot
10 g salt
10g ginger juice
5g cooking wine
10 g lard


Step 1
Mix 100g of clarified powder and 5g of raw powder with boiling water, add another 5g during the process, and continue to stir until it is agglomerated, add 10g lard, stir evenly, and put it in a sealed space for 10 minutes to ferment.

Step 2
Mince the stuffing, add the seasoning, and stir out the glue (paste). I like to knead it by hand, which is easier.

Step 3
Take out the dough to make dumpling skin and stuffing. Put cold water into the pot and steam over high heat for about 10 minutes. If it takes too long, the skin will burst easily.

Step 4
(refrigerate in a glass sealed fresh-keeping box and heat it in the microwave the next day. The taste is still the same.)