Dumplings with shrimp will be very fresh, very tender, of course, children will love to eat more!


50g Chengfen
100g shrimp
8 g Corn Starch
40g pork stuffing


Step 1
Bring the water to a boil, prepare the clarifying powder and corn starch, and pour them into the container

Step 2
Pour 50g boiling water into the clarified powder and knead it into a ball

Step 3
Add vegetable oil and knead to moisten. Lard is better. Divide it into 10 grams of small dosage

Step 4
Put the small dosage in the preservative film, roll it into a round shape with a rolling pin, and then press out the round shape with a mold, which will be more beautiful

Step 5
Prepare the stuffing, take 80 grams of shrimp, add 40 grams of meat, chop into meat with a knife

Step 6
Then add onion, ginger, salt, sugar and cooking wine to taste, stir well is the filling, and then add another 20 grams of shrimp

Step 7
Take a shrimp dumpling skin, put a little shrimp meat and a whole shrimp on it

Step 8
Wrap it into dumpling shape and steam it for 6 minutes on a steamer with silicone paper