Nanjing: for the north, it belongs to the south, but for the pure South, it is also called the north. So for the southerners, I think I am a pseudo northerner.


105g shrimp
50g raw powder
150g Chengfen
Six Horseshoes
1 carrot
300 grams of water
A little olive oil
Appropriate amount of salt
A little sugar
A little cooking wine
A little MSG


Step 1
Prepare the ingredients for shrimp dumplings in advance

Step 2
Mix the Chengfen and shengfen, pour in 100 ℃ boiling water, and then add a little olive oil

Step 3
Knead into dough and cover for a while

Step 4
Peel and dice the horseshoe

Step 5
Dice the carrots and chop them

Step 6
Wash the shrimps after removing the shrimp line, chop 2 / 3 shrimps into mud, and reserve 1 / 3 shrimps

Step 7
Put chopped horseshoe, carrot, shrimp paste and 1 / 3 shrimps into a bowl

Step 8
Add salt, cooking wine, sugar, monosodium glutamate and olive oil, stir well

Step 9
Knead the dough into long strips and cut into several small pieces

Step 10
Flatten the preparation and roll it round, then put in the right amount of stuffing

Step 11
Make it as good as dumplings

Step 12
Put it on the plate (put a carrot slice under the dumpling to prevent it from sticking)

Step 13
Put it in the boiling pan

Step 14
Cover and steam for about 8 minutes

Step 15
Time is up. Take out the dumplings and eat while it's hot