Cantonese morning tea needs “three cups and two pieces”, of which “two pieces” include a shrimp dumpling! And the shrimp dumplings one by one, a few mouthfuls to eat, eat enough still have to come again


350 grams of shrimp
100g Chengfen
30g raw powder
Two water chestnuts
Carrot in moderation


Step 1
After the shrimp is bought, put it in the refrigerator freezer for about half an hour. When the shrimp turns white and hard, it can be taken out and shelled. This is the key premise for quick shelling. Don't worry about it. Just like sharpening a knife before cutting firewood, take a shrimp, start from the edge of the shell on the belly of the shrimp with your thumb, and push it along the back

Step 2
When pushing to the back, push back from the back to the position of the shrimp tail. You can push left and right s lines in the middle to ensure that every corner of the shrimp does not fall

Step 3
Take off the tail of the shrimp

Step 4
Back to the head, the neck of the shrimp is broken, and then the head and body are pulled. At the back, don't use too much force. The intestines are connected. In order not to pick the intestines in the next step, gently pull apart the body and head of the shrimp with two hands, and the intestines are brought out with the head

Step 5
In this way, it's very easy for shrimp to take off their clothes completely, and it's very easy and fast! Isn't this shrimp shell beautiful? It's perfect

Step 6
Of course, sometimes the shell may not be attached to the head, but the head can still be pulled out with the intestines. Can you see a small line hanging down in the picture, that is the intestines

Step 7
Chop 2 / 3 of the shrimp meat into mud, 1 / 3 into dice, and chop the horseshoe and carrot

Step 8
Add horseshoe, carrot, 2G salt, 2G sugar and ginger to the chopped shrimp paste. Stir well

Step 9
Then pick up the stuffing and throw it into the bowl from a foot high

Step 10
Repeat 20-30 times until thoroughly stirred. Add vegetable oil and stir well. Refrigerate for 15 minutes

Step 11
After freezing for 15 minutes, remove from the refrigerator and add the rest of the shrimp

Step 12
Stir well, then put it into refrigerator

Step 13
Mix 100g Chengfen, 10g shengfen and 1g salt, and set aside 20g shengfen

Step 14
Pour boiling water into the mixture, stir with chopsticks to form snowflakes, try not to have dry noodles, cover and simmer for 5 minutes

Step 15
Knead the hot noodles while they are hot, and add the remaining 20 grams of raw powder in several times. At this time, the noodles are sticky

Step 16
Add about 5g of oil and knead to make a uniform dough

Step 17
Put it in a container, cover it with wet cloth, wake up for about 20 minutes, then take out a small piece of dough, rub it into long strips, and drag it into small dosage form

Step 18
Round and roll the dough into a round skin (it is recommended to pack the dough immediately, cover the remaining dough with a wet cloth, or use a mold to print the round dough)

Step 19
Shrimp dumpling skin should be as thin as possible, the thinner the dumpling, the more transparent the dumpling. Pick up the dumpling skin, almost transparent

Step 20
Put in the right amount of stuffing, not too much, so as not to burst the skin when making or steaming. At this time, you can still see that the skin is very thin

Step 21
One hand pushes the shrimp dumpling skin, and the other hand pinches the skin to become a wrinkle

Step 22
And so on, all knead, finally knead a little bit, afraid of cracking when steaming

Step 23
The shrimp dumplings are not big enough. You can finish them in one bite

Step 24
Until the end of the package, the filling was used up, and there were 50 grams of skin left

Step 25
It's all wrapped up. Look at the shrimp dumplings. They're beautiful

Step 26
Boil water in the pot, put the dumplings into the drawer covered with oil paper (or carrots), cover it and steam for 4-5 minutes. Don't turn the fire to the maximum, just a little bigger in the middle. If the fire is too fierce, the dumpling skin will crack easily

Step 27
The perfect crystal shrimp dumpling is ready to come out of the pot