Steamed bun is a traditional breakfast food in China. It is composed of skin and stuffing. The quality of the skin directly affects the taste of steamed bun. Steamed buns with full volume, white skin and soft taste are very popular with customers. In order to make the skin of steamed buns, besides yeast fermentation, we also need to use special baking powder for haiweili steamed buns


1kg medium gluten flour
20g haiweili steamed bun baking powder
8g yeast (dry)
550G water


Step 1
First weigh the flour and calculate the amount of various materials

Step 2
Weighing baozi baking powder: the usage of baozi aluminum free baking powder is 1-2% (based on flour), and the normal usage is 1.5%, which can be increased or decreased according to the situation and the temperature.

Step 3
Weighing yeast

Step 4
Pour the special aluminum free baking powder into the flour

Step 5
Mix the baking powder and flour evenly. Don't use the baking powder in water

Step 6
Before using yeast, it's best to dissolve it in warm water (30-40 ℃) and leave it for a few minutes to fully activate the yeast, so that the effect of the dough is better

Step 7
Add yeast water

Step 8
He Mian

Step 9
Mix dough to form a smooth dough

Step 10
The results showed that the best fermentation conditions were as follows: the temperature was 33-35 ℃; The humidity is 75-85%; Fermentation time is 30-40 minutes, the actual dough as long as you pay attention to heat preservation

Step 11
Generally, the volume of the dough will increase about 1 times than that of the original dough

Step 12
The interior is honeycomb

Step 13
After the dough is made, it can be kneaded into strips

Step 14
Pull the dough into the right size

Step 15
Rolling leather

Step 16

Step 17
process by steaming

Step 18
Steamed buns as long as the use of steamed buns special non aluminum foam powder, it is easy to steamed white bright soft big buns.