Crystal cake, also known as crystal cake, is a traditional Cantonese snack. Crystal clear appearance, very attractive. It is characterized by thin skin, soft, crystal clear, and the stuffing in the cake is indistinct. Steamed with high heat, it is crystal clear and bright, and the color of the stuffing is bright. It is a special sweet snack.


100g starch
200g glutinous rice flour
100g pitaya peel
200g peanut (fried)
25g black sesame
80g sugar
15g white sesame
Proper amount of edible oil
40g raisins


Step 1
Mix the roasted peanuts, black sesame, white sesame, sugar and chopped raisins

Step 2
Pour in the cooking oil and stir until sweet

Step 3
Wash pitaya peel, put it into blender to make juice, and pour the juice into milk pot

Step 4
After the fire dragon juice is boiled, add starch and mix well

Step 5
When the starch paste is still hot, put it upside down in the glutinous rice bowl

Step 6
Stir well, then knead into a ball, cover with plastic film and let stand for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, add a little cooking oil and knead until smooth

Step 7
Take about 30 grams of small dough, roll it thin, put it into the filling, close it up and round it

Step 8
Put the cake into the mold, press out the mold, and then buckle it out

Step 9
Steam the crystal cake over high heat for about 10 minutes