When I was a child, this kind of crystal ball music box was very popular. Wind up a few turns, while playing music, while watching the snow dancing inside the crystal ball. In those years, it was one of the best birthday gifts on the list of little friends. But I have never had such a crystal ball, just a heart-shaped plastic music box with black bottom. When I opened it, there was a small mirror and a baby dancing ballet on it. The music was for Alice. At that time, the music cards were mostly this song. Looking at the penguins in Madagascar a few days ago, the crystal balls in them suddenly reminded me of many past stories.


50g butter
90g high gluten flour
35g powdered sugar
20G egg
10 g cocoa powder


Step 1
Butter softens

Step 2
Add sugar powder and stir well

Step 3
Add the egg mixture twice

Step 4
Stir in one direction until completely absorbed

Step 5
Sift the high gluten flour and cocoa powder into the butter mixture

Step 6
Use a rubber scraper to turn the dough into a powder free dough

Step 7
Put the dough on the chopping board

Step 8
Lay a layer of plastic film on top and bottom to prevent sticking and roll it into thin slices

Step 9
Stick the crystal ball pattern paper prepared in advance on the mask

Step 10
Carve a pattern with a knife

Step 11
Put it on the baking tray; Oven preheat 180 ° C. Fully open the upper and lower fire, put in the middle layer, bake about 15 minutes

Step 12
Take out and cool while preparing the icing: 1 protein and 150 grams of powdered sugar to beat into a paste that can flow slowly (powdered sugar should be added in three times); Then divide into several parts, add red, blue, green and brown pigment respectively, mix well, and put them into flower mounting bag

Step 13
First, use blue icing to paint the crystal ball part. After a little drying, use red icing to paint the base part, and then wait for drying

Step 14
Use brown frosting to draw Gingerbread figurines on the dried crystal ball and let it dry

Step 15
Use red icing to draw the lines on the base and let it dry

Step 16
Use green icing to draw the lines on the base and let it dry

Step 17
Draw Gingerbread scarves with green icing sugar

Step 18
Use the white icing to draw the snowflakes in the crystal ball, and then dry them all