After knowing LG, he fell in love with fish. He loved to eat fish in all kinds of ways. After having children, he also liked fish and soup. It was nutritious, delicious and smart


A crucian carp
Two tomatoes
400g tofu
Two green onions


Step 1
After the crucian carp is washed and drained, put it into the pot and fry it over low heat until both sides are yellow,

Step 2
I use the casserole soup, this taste better, not easy to drop water, must boil the water and then add fried fish

Step 3
At this time, wash the tomato and cut it into pieces. There is still oil in the pot. Pour it down and fry it twice. When the fish soup is white and thick, you can add tomato and salt

Step 4
The next tofu only need ten minutes before the pot, tofu will be cooked