Potatoes are the most common popular ingredients in everyone’s mind, but this ordinary potato has all kinds of special eating methods, which can always bring you endless delicious accidents. I can’t say enough about cheese potatoes, fried potatoes, fried potatoes, potato salad, all kinds of potato stewed meat… I also love making potato food, but I prefer simplicity without using my brain The cell consuming dish, as simple as a shredded potato with vinegar, has been eaten for hundreds of people, and it is one of the favorite potato practices of the family


200g potatoes
3 G pepper
2 dried peppers
5g ginger
10g garlic
5g shallots
10g organic rice vinegar
2 g salt
3 G sesame oil
10g peanut oil


Step 1
Crispy vinegar potato silk material

Step 2
Peel and slice the potatoes, and then cut them into thick silk. Then soak the potato silk in clean water, change the water frequently, and wash the starch off the potatoes. It will be crisp to eat

Step 3
Heat the wok, add peanut oil, sprinkle the pepper, burst out the fragrance, and then pick out the pepper

Step 4
Then put the chopped dry pepper, garlic and ginger into the oil and fry until fragrant

Step 5
Drain the soaked potato shreds, stir fry them in the pot for a while, and then inject organic rice vinegar and salt

Step 6
Stir fry the potato shredded Kwai and then sprinkle the chopped green onion and pour the sesame oil. Then you can turn off the fire.

Step 7
Crispy vinegar potatoes can be eaten on a plate. Potatoes are delicious and simple. They are the first to eat up every time they are served.