Crispy onion oil pan cake


4 tsp sesame oil
Appropriate amount of salt


Step 1
Flour with boiling water, hand or chopsticks into snow flakes; Add cold water to the tank; Knead into dough and knead for at least 20 minutes

Step 2
Divide the noodles into 4 parts, roll each into thin slices, spread a spoonful of sesame oil evenly, sprinkle salt, and then cut into thin strips one centimeter wide

Step 3
Hold all the filaments together and lengthen them left and right

Step 4
It's on the plate

Step 5
Roll into biscuit (2-3mm)

Step 6
Heat a spoonful of oil (wavy but not smoking), medium heat, put in the cake, wait for half a minute, reduce the heat, fry both sides of the cake yellow.

Step 7
Load steps 1-4 and finish the rest of the pie.

Step 8
If you can't eat it, put the extra cake in the plastic bag for the freezer of the refrigerator to drive out the air as much as possible; The cake can be separated by plastic film to prevent sticking together.