Crispy onion ham moon cake


310G flour
110ml corn oil
60ml water
5g salt
Proper soy sauce
100g onion
100g cooked flour
Appropriate amount of olive oil


Step 1
Put 160g of flour, 50g of corn oil and 5g of salt into a container and grasp them evenly by hand

Step 2
Add 60g of water in several times and form a soft water dough.

Step 3
Quickly mix 150g flour and 60g corn oil and knead them into a pasty dough.

Step 4
Cover with plastic wrap and relax for 15-30 minutes.

Step 5
Divide into 15g water skin and 10g oil skin (there will be about two oil skins left)

Step 6
Flatten the water dough with your hands, take an oil dough and put it in the center of the water dough.

Step 7
Then press the oil dough with your thumb and use the tiger's mouth to push the water dough up and close it.

Step 8
Flatten the wrapped water oil dough and roll it into an oval shape quickly.

Step 9
It grows into a tube from outside to inside.

Step 10
Cover with plastic wrap and relax for 15 minutes. (first "roll relaxation")

Step 11
Place the dough that has been rolled loose for the first time vertically with the closing upward, flatten it slightly with the palm of your hand, and roll it again.

Step 12
Roll up again, cover with plastic wrap and continue to relax for 10 minutes. (the second "roll relaxation")

Step 13
Prepare round ham and onions

Step 14
Cut into small pieces.

Step 15
Put a little olive oil in the pot, add minced ham and fry until fragrant.

Step 16
Add chopped onion and stir again until slightly soft.

Step 17
Put it in warm water and add the fried flour.

Step 18
Grasp well and add an appropriate amount of soy sauce and olive oil.

Step 19
Squeeze into about 25 grams of stuffing each.

Step 20
Place the second roll of loose dough with the closing facing up and horizontally, press it down to the center with your fingers, and then knead the dough on both sides with two fingers.

Step 21
Press the flat dough with your palm again and roll it into a round skin with slightly thicker water and oil skin in the middle and thinner around.

Step 22
Wrap in stuffing/

Step 23
Press the filling with your thumb, push the water oil dough up with the tiger's mouth, and pinch it tightly.

Step 24
Close the mouth down and flatten the wrapped moon cake blank slightly by hand

Step 25
Place in the baking pan, preheat the oven 180 degrees, middle and upper layers

Step 26
Bake the middle and upper layer for ten minutes, turn it over, bake it for another ten minutes, and turn it over for about five minutes.