In the coastal areas of Shantou, seafood is the most. Every time I go to the market and go to the fish stalls, there are always a variety of seafood, and these seafood are freshly salvaged ashore. Today, I went to the vegetable market with someone, and he bought some small yellow croaker for me. Fresh seafood must be authentic. Today, I fried it directly, Don’t do anything


9 small yellow croaker
3 g salt
20G raw meal
1 ginger
1 onion
It tastes delicious in moderation


Step 1
Prepare materials

Step 2
Wash the small yellow croaker and dry it with kitchen paper

Step 3
Then put it into the sieve and dry it at the ventilation place on the balcony

Step 4
Then sprinkle salt on the air dried small yellow croaker and catch it well

Step 5
Sprinkle with cornflour

Step 6
Grab and mix evenly

Step 7
Heat the oil in the pot until medium cooked

Step 8
Then fry the small yellow croaker

Step 9
Add ginger slices and fry

Step 10
If you have an oil pan at home, you can fry it in the oil pan

Step 11

Step 12
Look closer

Step 13