I’m going to eat pancakes tomorrow. I’ll fry them in advance today. Flour with some hot oil and an egg, less black and white sesame, crisp fruit is particularly delicious.


250 g flour
1 egg
Moderate amount of blended oil
Moderate salt
1 teaspoon black sesame (seasoning spoon)
1 tsp sesame (seasoning spoon)


Step 1
Heat the oil (12 ml) in the pan.

Step 2
Pour the hot oil into the flour and stir well.

Step 3
Remove the additive.

Step 4
When the flour is cold, beat the eggs into the flour.

Step 5
Add salt and sesame seeds and a little cold water, knead well and smooth for a while.

Step 6
Roll the dough into thin skin, cut it into wide strips, and then cut it into blocks.

Step 7
Make four cuts on the cut piece.

Step 8
Heat the fruit in the wok with proper amount of oil, fry and color both sides´╝ł Fire can't be too big)

Step 9
Fried fruit.

Step 10
Fruit in plates.