The Spring Festival is the most solemn traditional festival of the Chinese nation, and the most expected and important thing of the Spring Festival is the family reunion dinner. The least delicious dish of the new year’s Eve dinner is Dongpo meat, which is stewed with pork. It is deeply loved by people because of its complete color, aroma and taste. Slow fire, less water and more wine are the key to making this dish. Dongpo meat is characterized by glutinous, fat but not greasy, red and bright color, mellow and juicy taste, crisp but not broken. It is very delicious. Fat meat is a beauty agent. Often eat fat meat, the skin is shiny and ruddy, and it is not easy to get old. Due to the explosive oil of fried Dongpo meat, it can’t be done well. If you don’t master the heat, you will inevitably be fried. Dongpo meat made by my family this year is much simpler. It’s made in an air fryer. You don’t have to worry about being fried. It’s super simple, delicious and not greasy.


1500g streaky pork
5g salt
50g sweet wine


Step 1
Cut the first-class streaky pork into squares and cook in boiling water for half an hour

Step 2
Remove and smear with salt and sweet wine. Put them on the inner tank of the air fryer with the skin facing up.

Step 3
Put it in the air fryer

Step 4
Turn on the power and use 200 degrees of firepower

Step 5
Fry for 25 minutes

Step 6
Look at the delicious Dongpo meat, steamed, fried, braised or braised.