Fill in the right amount of material to see how many individual fried chicken wings on the unknown amount


A few chicken wings
Proper amount of flour
Proper amount of starch
Right amount of Zanthoxylum bungeanum
1. Eggs
Salt and pepper powder
Right amount of spicy powder
Appropriate amount of crispy powder
Appropriate amount of bread bran


Step 1
*Boil chicken wings in water and set aside

Step 2
* pour small oil into the oil, fry the pepper with appropriate amount for two or three minutes, then pour the chicken wings into the middle.

Step 3
*Add salt, chicken essence, cooking wine, soy sauce, salt and pepper powder, spicy powder, add half a bowl of water to make a big fire

Step 4
*Paste: flour, starch, salt and pepper powder, spicy powder, crisp powder, egg, mix well

Step 5
*Add the right amount of water, make the batter thinner than ordinary rice batter

Step 6
*Collect the chicken wings and start the pot

Step 7
*Put the chicken wings in the batter

Step 8
*Wrap the bread bran evenly

Step 9
*Fry in oil until golden brown (chicken wings are cooked, just fry the outer layer, don't pour too much oil.)