In the few experiences of going to KFC and McDonald’s, chicken rice flowers are my must order meals. Just because it is tender and crisp outside, it will eat it all unconsciously every time.


300g chicken breast
80g bread bran
1 tablespoon cooking wine
60g starch
1 bowl of oil
1 egg
Proper amount of salt


Step 1
Wash the chicken breast, cut into 2 thumb sized cubes, marinate with appropriate amount of salt and cooking wine for 5 minutes, and mix well if you like black pepper.

Step 2
The marinated chicken meat pieces shall be evenly wrapped with starch to ensure that each piece is wrapped 360 °

Step 3
Break up the eggs, roll the chicken pieces stained with starch in the egg liquid, then roll them in the bread bran, put them in the pot and fry them over low heat until they are golden on both sides.

Step 4
If you like tomato flavor, put ketchup in the seasoning bowl and dip it. It's sour and not greasy